Mumbot Privacy Policy

User data is stored and managed in accordance with Fitmums & Friends policies.

Information entered through the Mumbot app is sent to the Fitmums & Friends website through a connection secured using a Let’s Encrypt certificate for Transport Layer Security encryption.

When you successfully login to your Fitmums & Friends account through the Mumbot app using your email address and account password, your mobile device will receive and store your first name, surname, your account's randomly generated 128-bit identifier (used to form your membership QR code), and a randomly generated token, which is used to remember your account login on that device, until you logout.

If you have junior memberships attached to your account, then the first name, surname and randomly generated 128-bit identifier for each junior account will also be received and stored by your device upon successfully logging-in to your account through the Mumbot app.

If this is the first time you've logged in to your account from the device (or you may have uninstalled, then reinstalled the Mumbot app), then you'll be asked to give your device a nickname; this is only visible to yourself and is used to identify your device when logged in to the My Account area of the Fitmums & Friends website. If you lose access to your device (and had not logged out of your Fitmums & Friends account from the Mumbot app), you can remove account access from the device via the My mobile devices area on the Fitmums & Friends website.

When viewing the "My activity" area of the Mumbot app, the last 5 activities on your account will be displayed. These activities are composed of Fitmums & Friends sessions attended, and any non-Fitmums & Friends activity entered through either the Mumbot app, or in the My activity area of the Fitmums & Friends website. This information consists of:

If you also have junior memberships attached to your account, this option will be displayed as "My activities" within the Mumbot app, and will include a drop-down menu to select which member's latest activity you wish to view.

The Mumbot app requests access to the camera on your device if your Fitmums & Friends account has been designated as a "Leader" (you will be asked by a Fitmums & Friends team member prior to your account being granted this status, and be made aware of the responsibilities); please be aware that the app will not request access to your photos (and will therefore have no access to them). Camera access is only used for scanning QR codes of other members, to add them to a session, and is done using the Scandit library. The QR code scanning interface cannot be used to take photos or record video, and no image pixel data is stored on devices. The successfully decoded values of scanned QR codes (a random 128-bit identifier assigned to each member) are stored on the mobile device.

When a "Leader" manually searches for a member by name (in cases where a member does not have their QR code with them when attending a session), any matching member's current age in years is also displayed.

New trial memberships created through the app (only available to members designated as a "Leader") will be stored on the user's device until they can be securely sent to the Fitmums & Friends website; once a successful transmission of this data has been confirmed, it is removed from the device. New trial membership data consists of:

For members designated as a "Leader", the app will maintain a periodically updated cache of basic member data, to permit offline session creation, session participant entry, and trial member creation. This data consists of each member's:

When you logout of the Mumbot app on your device, all cached information will be removed from the device.